Monday, February 15, 2016

Project of the Week

Good Morning!  This week it's my turn to do a Project of the Week for Repeat Impressions.  I've been fascinated with water coloring -- it's all new to me -- but I'm giving it a whirl.  Here are a few things that have helped me to get started.
Supplies don't have to be expensive.
3 sizes of paintbrushes: 
   large flat to cover water coloring card stock
   medium flat for dropping color onto card stock
   small pointed for coloring objects
small, thin cutting board for taping card stock onto
washi tape

A compartmentalized plastic container makes it easy to rinse brushes without having a large container on my desk that is easy to tip over.  I use each section to rinse a color.

Here I have taped a piece of card stock onto the board.  I use washi tape that has a definite design or line so that it is easy to make a small even border on all 4 sides.  It's now easy to move when I want to dry with a heat gun or to put up to let it dry naturally.

I use a well palate and when I'm finished with a project, I allow the paint well to dry in the well and it's easy to reactivate with just a little water the next time I want to do a water color project.  Here are several type of well palates.
First thing I do is paint the card stock with an even coat of water and then drop color onto the wet card stock, letting the color run into each other.  Here is my finished card.
I used the sentiments from the new Hello Cling Sets.  The little butterfly is called Small Silhouette Butterfly.  The butterfly sits on a die cut square from the Fancy Flip Die Set.

I hope a couple of these ideas spur your imagination the next time you want to try a  watercolor project.

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