Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The smoke alarm!!!

Here is one of the neatest techniques for card making. Gina K on Stamp TV had a tutorial on this and I tried it. It was fun - but I did set off the smoke alarm. The alarm company called and wanted to know if they should send out the fire department. I said "No, unless they want to make cards with me." I tried to explain and the young man with the alarm company could not understand what I was doing. This is a fun technique and you should try it. Stamp TV's gallery is full of great ideas using this technique! I used Gina K's Designs Rocket Red cardstock and some ribbon. The snowflake is from The Magic of Christmas by Rupa Shevde. It has 5 different sizes of snowflakes plus 7 other Christmas images and 5 sentiments -- Great details!

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