Monday, April 5, 2010


Ok, here goes again--- Some more sights at ROUNDTOP/WARRENTON!
One of the fabulous things about this event is the antiquing/junking -- and the art -- oh my goodness, you will never in your life see such a collection of art -- and weird.

Now for beautiful things you can see.  Paris Montana has SERIOUS bling.  If you like vintage, impressive bling, she has it.  Here is her venue

She does serious events like the Barrett-Jackson Auction and Vintage Vixens in Chula Vista, Ca. She is the ONE for Boho Street Chic.  Check out her blog here.  You will be impressed!

Here is where you will find good coffee!

Here is another great vendor.  They have VERY impressive merchandise.

The name of their company is Magnolia Pearl.  They specialize in couture, vintage lace designs. Actually, one of a kind vintage, lace, designs.  Each and every piece of lace was made by another woman's precious hands long ago. It is hard to describe all they have.  Go to their site and check them out!  Every woman needs several of her designs!

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