Sunday, April 4, 2010


I spent most of this weekend at the Premier Vintage/Antique Market in Round Top, Texas.  It is really not quite the name of it because it actually encompasses the towns of Warrenton, Round Top, Carmine, Burton, Shelby and a few other towns.  Let me tell you this is HUGE!!  It is so large, it stays open nearly 2 weeks and in 2 weeks, one cannot see it all.  The next few posts will be about this HUGEMONGUS affair.

First the drive.  It is between Austin and Houston.  The drive in the spring is Beautiful.  The bluebonnets, our state flower is in bloom, the Indian Paint Brushes are also doing what God created them to do.  Here are a few pics.

The premier site is actually a place called Marburger Farms.  Here there are vendors from U.S., France, and England.  Mostly high end items, but you can find some real bargins and lovely things.  Here are some pictures from Marburger Farms.

Here are some REALLY sweet girls I met and this is a GREAT example of how to dress for the event.

Tomorrow is what I found at this huge event.

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